Features Overview

MakerNet.work is designed to be a one-stop solution for makerspace operations management. You can read about our features here, or you can jump right in and play with our test instance.

Click me to try out MakerNet!

Click me to try out MakerNet!


Manage members

Keep track of your community. Manage membership payments, notifications, and permissions for your machines. Set membership types, create admins and groups.


Manage Tools

With MakerNet you can keep all the information about your tools in one place. Maker your tools searchable by specs, keep tutorials and user guides linked to the tool page, and find all the projects people have done using that tool.


Manage classes

Set which tools require a class, and easily schedule those classes. Automate who has permission to use your tools so you can spend more time sharing what you know and less time on paperwork.