Making is fundamental to what it means to be human. We must make, create and express ourselves to feel whole. There is something unique about making physical things. These things are like little pieces of us and seem to embody portions of our souls.
— "The Maker Movement Manifesto"

What is the Maker Network?

The Maker Network is about helping Makers and Makerspaces thrive and evolve into an interconnected ecosystem of skills, tools, resources, and ideas. We want to see the maker movement flourish all over the world, and believe that the tools to do so look something like this.

Are you looking for the right tool for your project, and want to reserve it online? You can do that. Are you looking to keep track of all the tools and members in your space? You can do that too. Want to keep a record of your projects and share them with your social network? Got it. Want to find a brilliant maker to be your mentor? Now you can. You want to share what you know with your community? Check. Looking for collaborators with a certain skill set for a big project? Done.

We also get that every Makerspace is different, and there's no one-size-fits-all solution, so we're building this around an open API model, so that if you want to use the tools we're making differently, it's easy to do so and share that new functionality with the community. Makers aren't much for off-the-shelf solutions to problems, so instead we're trying to offer a robust and flexible set of tools for managing spaces, tracking projects, finding and reserving tools, and connecting with everything you need to make anything you can imagine.



“Makers are seeking an alternative to being regarded as consumers, rejecting the idea that you are defined by what you buy. Instead, makers have a sense of what they can do and what they can learn to do. Like artists, they are motivated by internal goals, not extrinsic rewards. They are inspired by the work of others. Most importantly, they do not wait until the future to create and make. They feel an urgency to do something now — or lose the opportunity to do it at all.” - Dale Dougherty, Make Magazine Founder

Our Vision

Make. Learn. Share. Play. Participate. Grow.

These are the tenets of the Maker Movement, and we at the Maker Network believe in this vision with everything we’ve got. We see Makerspaces as the emerging centers of innovation in a world desperately in need of new solutions, for problems ranging from the mundane to existential threats to our species. We see the democratization of design and manufacturing, the growth of citizen science, and the return of hands-on learning and skills acquisition.  We envision a world where these centers are networked together, functioning as nodes and synapses in an open, collaborative web.

To this end, we are lowering barriers for Makers to connect with the tools and resources they need. We are creating a platform for creation, collaboration, and education. We help Makerspaces run efficiently and in a financially viable manner, and leverage current hobbyist infrastructure into a viable career path for independent makers. We are working towards a system for universalizing tool permissions, allowing more fluid movement of people and ideas between spaces. We want to provide anyone with the desire, the ability to find everything they need to create whatever they can imagine. If you want to make something, we want to make that happen.

We are making the curious into the capable.