Apprenticeships for Makers

Apprenticeship Pathways - Studies by groups such as Deloitte and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have predicted a shortfall of between 2 and 3 Million skilled jobs across the US alone by 2020. These are jobs for welders, industrial maintenance technicians, electricians, woodworkers, designers, fabricators, and so on. All of these skills can be learned at Makerspaces, and in many cases already are, but not in a way that is generally recognized by larger companies or government organizations. We are working with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards, the Advanced Manufacturing & Transportation Apprenticeships of California, and the California Community College Maker Initiative to set up a recognized apprenticeship program that any makerspace can take part in, receive government funding for, and thereby become a pipeline for Makers to get into jobs with the skills they've learned.

This is still in the early stages, but our hope is to pilot this program in several makerspaces around California next year, and then scale out to other states, or maybe even nationwide, by 2020.