Post #1 - Google, Monsters, Access Control, and more!

Lots of big news for our first official news post.

We are thrilled to announce a new sponsorship from Google!  This comes right as we are getting our second makerspace up and running on MakerNet, so this sponsorship will help us expand our team and meet our ambitious goals for this year.

We've also formed a partnership with Ace Monster Toys, an amazing makerspace in Oakland. We're collaborating on an open source access control system, Fob All The Things (FATT), helping to make it scalable and replicable across any number of makerspaces within our network. This is building off the open source access control system, AuthBox, from Google's internal maker community.

We just returned from NomCon, where we had an amazing time meeting many of our heroes of the maker world. More on that in future posts!