Who We Are


The Maker Network team comes together from the challenging and intense world of large-scale art and event production. We make immersive, interactive art, we create event infrastructure, and use cutting edge and antique technology to drive interactivity. We are united by the belief that the Maker movement is one of the most vital creative movements in the world today, and that we can make it easier for people to learn, make, and collaborate with and be inspired by each other.

Photo credit to Seth Rosenblat

Photo credit to Seth Rosenblat

Nathan Parker - Founder,CEO

Nathan's background in event production, project management, and large-scale art installation lead him to, and emerged from his love of makerspaces and the potential of the maker movement. An autodidact and jack of all trades, world traveler, Burner and tinkerer, he believes in the power of human imagination and cooperation, working with head, heart and hands, to make the world a better place.

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Jason wells, CPO

Jason brings deep product experience in tech and his love of creating to MakerNet. For years he has designed, built and delivered numerous apps and platforms in a wide variety of business domains, ranging from consumer-facing products to basic research for the intelligence community. He has created and directed multi-team organizations while devising and executing product strategy in demanding, resource constrained, high-growth environments.

Prior to joining MakerNet, Jason created and led the data science, data platform and IAM groups at Twilio. Before that he served as VP Engineering at Zinio. He has a background in helping early stage tech startups and R&D groups chart their path forward, gain traction, and grow rapidly and smoothly, and he knows how to lead at scale. He’s also a passionate maker and veteran burner. 


Matt Kenigson - Co-Founder, COO

Currently the President of Parthenon Tech (parthenontech.com) and co-founder of MakerNet. Parthenon is an Agile Software Development company focused on web, mobile, and blockchain software and integrations.

His teams have produced mobile projects (Android, iOS, iPad, and firmware-specific), napkin-to-scaled-manufacturing of electronics and hardware, online and offline education technology, edutainment devices, micropayment platforms, inventory systems, billing automation, and smart-contract backed blockchain apps.
Previously Founder, President, and Chairman of Make Nashville.